Thursday, September 29, 2011


You know you're a teacher when you want a textbook for Christmas.

My wonderful team leader stopped by my room yesterday to see if I'd be interested in checking out a book called the Pre-Referral Intervention Manual, or for short, the PRIM. Why did I not find out about this book when I was in grad school?! It lists intervention strategies for learning and behavior problems encountered in the classroom. Right now I'm going through and flagging some of my biggest challenges, everything from "Makes unnecessary physical contact with others", to "Blames other persons or materials to avoid taking responsibility for his/her mistakes" (big one in art class), to "Has difficulty concentrating". Then below the challenge, it lists numerous suggestions. I'm actually tagging so many pages that it's becoming pointless, kinda like when you look back at what you highlighted only to realize the whole chapter is now yellow. I want to buy my own copy, but it's pretty pricey, even used. Boooo.

It's just awesome, though. It's my day-off Rosh Hashanah reading. Shana Tova!

McCarney, S., Wunderlich, K.C., & Bauer, A. (1993). Pre-referral intervention manual (2nd ed.). Columbia, MO: Hawthorne Educational Services, Inc.

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