Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tatted and teachin' art.

 Photo by Harmony Nicholas.

Sometimes the top of my tattoo peaks out from dresses or tops. 
The whole class falls into disarray. 

My tattoo.

Student: "Ms. Dudley, you have a tattoo?!"
Ms. Kristen-Crayon: "Yes."
Student: "What is it?"
Ms. Kristen-Crayon: "A ship."
Student: "How many do you have?"
Ms. Kristen-Crayon: "One."
Student: "You're lying!"
Ms. Kristen-Crayon: "I wouldn't lie to you."
Student: [Some other tattoo-related question.]
Ms. Kristen-Crayon: "Get back to work."

Still trying to find the balance between sharing personal information and not distracting from the artmaking environment. I don't want to ignore their questions about the tattoo (or anything else)... I'm not ashamed of it or angry they noticed, but I do wonder about the intensity of their intrigue. I know their parents and family members have tattoos! And their teachers have them, too :) And I love how many of them think the tattoo must be new because it's the first time they've seen it. Nope kiddos, I've had it for years at this point! Ah, kid logic. One of my favorite things in the world.


  1. Haha! I have so much fun with this question! I always give them joke answers like 'It's just a really cool birthmark' or, 'It's a fancy temp'. I don't lie out of shame but because they like the game and it always keeps them guessing. I do the same with age questions! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I teach high school art, so I get tattoo questions all the time! I don't have any, but I love them, and I always tell my kids that if I could just decide on something I would love forever, I'd have the biggest, most colorful tattoo in the world!

  3. hehe, love this, that is totally how kids would react! ;)