Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Third grade student: "Ms. Dudley, you're Spanish, right?"
Me: "Hmm?" [I heard him, but I was sure I misheard.]
Third grade student: "You're Spanish. Because of your accent."
Me: "Nope, I'm not Spanish. I have an accent?"
Third grade student: "Yes, a Spanish accent."

This post inspired me to watch far too many flamenco videos on YouTube.
I have to work to keep my jealousy at bay in terms of the strong, proud cultural ties that many of my students have. I cope with this, in part, through the culturally-tethered units I teach. No, I'm not Spanish or much of anything else besides American. And while being American has shaped my life in many ways I am grateful for, I can't say that I'm always proud to claim that specific heritage. I think the big flower in my hair might have given me my mysterious "accent" today. I should wear it more often :)

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