Monday, July 30, 2012

Little book on a long journey.

In my summer efforts to clean the apartment, I bought these cute plastic containers from Target to contain notes, letters, and cards that were previously held in mismatched shoeboxes. While these do look more uniform, I am regretting their see-through nature. Oh well. As I transferred the contents from shoebox to plastic box, I tried to recycle what I could... envelopes, cards that were only signed (no note or personalization), anything that I didn't feel sentimental about. Needless to say, the "to recycle" pile was pretty small. At least I tried?

A bunch of gift card holders and envelopes were part of the discard pile, but as I was about to recycle them, it occurred to me that I should make a little upcycled book. So I did, using a basic pamphlet stitch.



Pockets in the back, just like a Moleskin.


Little Book, may you be covered in paint and collage and words and love.

I know you will be in good hands with a friend on the left coast. Au revoir, Little Book!

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