Saturday, August 18, 2012


A little sad this weekend as I bid summer adieu. On Monday we're back for our pre-service week. August 27th is our first day of school. Trying to treat this Saturday and Sunday like a typical, school-year weekend: running errands, purchasing food for packed lunches, making visuals, and wrapping up some cleaning and laundry.

As a second-year teacher, you know school is starting back up again when:

1) You switch from a small, summertime purse to the large school-year purse, complete with extra room for a lunch bag, water bottle, children's books, planner, seating charts, random art supplies, and even more random odds and ends. (And if you're like me, you carry an additional bag for... everything else.)

The size difference doesn't look so notable here... but the one on the right carries a ton!

2) It's time to start wearing a watch again.  (I am not typically a watch-wearer-- at the beginning of summer I took it off and there it sat on my dresser for ten weeks. Time to dust it off, strap it on. My Baby-G served me well last year-- durable, waterproof, digital, and the kids think it's super-cool for reasons that escape me. Time for Round Two, little G.)

Photo taken on August 18th, 2012 at 3:06pm.

3) You need to dig out the lunchbag and reassess your Ziploc baggie / Tupperware situation.

4) You may or not may not get your sleep schedule back on track before Day 1.

5) You wonder where the time has gone... (and in my case, try not to have any regrets).

I did a lot this summer, and I would do myself a disservice to overlook what I did accomplish / experience, even if most of it was personal and domestic. For my own record:

I taught Drawing and Sculpture to 3rd-5th graders for one week.
I got a haircut.
I got my nails done once.
I went to the dentist.

I went to two Weight Watchers meetings.
I played tennis three times.
I went to the gym about twenty times.
I switched gyms.
We had six dance lessons.

I donated several bags of clothes and other things to Good Will.
I got my classroom rug professionally cleaned.
I got the brakes on my car repaired.
I had three dresses altered.
I got my favorite boots refurbished and repaired.
I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.
I sold my old computer.

I got my engagement ring checked and cleaned while N. looked at wedding bands.
We got engagement photos taken.
We booked a wedding venue.

I went to one bridal shower.
I went to one bachelorette.
We went to my cousin's wedding in Michigan.
We went to a local July wedding.
I went to an August wedding near Los Angeles.

I went to the local county fair.
I picked blueberries.
I went to three professional baseball games.
We went to a pro lacrosse game (my first).

We vacationed in North Carolina.
We spent the day in Ocean City.

And that's just some of it!

Speaking of that August wedding near Los Angeles, here are a few pics (borrowed from Facebook, hope you don't mind, RDR) from August 12th & 13th.


Love of my life, my wife.

With the beautiful bride!

Morning-after brunch.

It was so incredibly good to see all my long-lost NYU girls. Until the next wedding!

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