Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life According to Instagram, Week Twelve.

Week Twelve
March 18th - March 24th, 2013

 1. - 5. Scenes from the classroom: scientific illustrations of brine shrimp (2nd grade), collaborative circles (4th grade), color collage (1st grade), castle scenes (2nd grade), ceramic fish bowls (3rd grade).

6. The labels I ordered for my nephews arrived! I've been buying children's books for months now, and I'm going to give them to my future sis-in-law at the shower in May. I bought these labels from Erin Condren to go inside each of the books.

7. I took this pic to admire my new mani, but was instead reminded of that amazing bling I'm so privileged to wear. 

8. - 9. Running!

10. Hey Friday moon, I see you.

11. Perhaps the only (and best) reason to trek out to Frederick, MD is for the amazing food and beers at Brewer's Alley. I enjoyed a sampler... one beer, two beer, three beer, Ms. Kristen-Crayon hits the floor... they were all delicious. Met up with one of N.'s good law school buddies and her boyfriend. Good company and a happy belly.

12. Thrilled to have another wedding (besides our own) in our future! I love love.

13. Speaking of weddings... I found my wedding dress on Saturday! (This is NOT it, just FYI.) I had an incredible experience at Garnish Boutique (highly recommended if you're in the MD area-- amazing staff, adorable shop). Went with just my mama, as usual. This was the fifth attempt at finding a dress, and thank goodness, the last. There were tears. Huge weight lifted off of our shoulders! Had to break it to N. that despite what we anticipated, I WILL NOT be wearing a burlap sack down the aisle :)

14. Crate & Barrel plate that reminds me of my doodles. Apparently purchasing a wedding dress wasn't enough retail therapy for one day...

15. Playing with light, shadows, and wind in the Baltimore streets. So happy in the bright sunlight, post-bridal appointment.


16. - 19. Project Life makes me happy, too. Layouts for Weeks Eleven & Twelve.

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