Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life According to Instagram, Week Eleven.

Things happened this week... but I failed to document much of it on Instagram.

Week Eleven
March 11th - March 17th, 2013

1. On Tuesday evening I was battling pre-migraine symptoms. Strangely enough, relaxing while untangling tons of donated embroidery floss seemed to do the trick.

2. "I dare you do be quite for 1 hour." "NO!" Evidence of note-passing in one of my second grade classes, I assume. Tsk tsk.

3. - 6. Project Life spreads for Week Ten. I'm officially behind now in my layouts :(

7. - 11. More runs. The only thing that motivated me to run on St. Patty's Day (when I wanted to be consuming all kinds Bailey's, Jameson, and Guinness combinations) was a color-coordinated outfit, complete with new, silly socks. It's the little things sometimes...

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Life According to Instagram, Week Ten.

Week Ten
March 4th - March 10th, 2013

1. - 3. Scenes from the classroom: Panera dinners usually happen when I stay late, ceramic fish bowls made by my third graders, and collaborative circle paintings with my art club kiddos.

4. This moment of preparedness brought to you by Mother Nature: on Wednesday, we had a much-appreciated snow day. I prepped student certificates for an art show that will be in mid-April.

5. - 7. Keep runnin' runnin'.

8. The Promenade's Student & Patron Spring 2013 Showcase... starring me and Nate! The above is a (poor) before-and-after shot... I got my hair and makeup done for the occasion. 

9. Post-performance smiles. No photography was allowed during our routine, so no action shots were taken. Nate and I worked on an East Coast Swing routine (to The Toaster's Mona) for months before performing in front of an audience for the first time ever! Was somuchfun.

 10. - 11. Had to grab some drinks after the show. Decisions, decisions... and decisions made, with congratulatory rose close at hand.

12. On Saturday, in the bright afternoon light. On my way home from the second up-do of the weekend... this time it was for our third and last Barrister's Ball (law school prom).

13. All dolled up again! Dinner at Mo's Seafood near the Inner Harbor.

14. Sometimes we need three tries to get it right...

15. Bobby pin pile to symbolize the close of one fabulous weekend.

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Life According to Instagram, Week Nine.

Week Nine
February 25th - March 3rd, 2013

1. - 3. Scenes from the classroom: my "balance" sign is... off-balance (how fitting), glue puddles remind me of Marimekko, and look how artful that swept pile of debris is!

4. - 5. Wednesday night trip to American Apparel results in the purchase of this dress for Showcase. Went home only to find out that I already own almost the exact same dress, just cuter. Dress went back to American Apparel.

6. Our 'lil Chubs loves his turtle.

7. - 9. Hit 50 miles (in 2013) this week!

10. My coworker gave me an early birthday present: Dr. Seuss-inspired earrings to wear for the author's birthday. Love 'em! And tatting is so cool, isn't it?

11. - 12. On Saturday, we went to our good friend Lauren's to celebrate her birthday. Nate's overwhelmed by the monstrously delicious coconut cake, and check out my 'stache, courtesy of some creative bathroom mirror art.

13. - 14. Project Life spread, Week Nine.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life According to Instagram, Week Eight.

Wedding dress shopping and allergic reactions, oh my!

Week Eight
February 18th - February 24th, 2013

1. - 2. We're getting closerrrr! Loved the selection at J. Crew (went to their Georgetown location), but didn't find "the one." My mom immediately vetoed the one in the first pic (so I immediately threw it up on Instagram), and the second would have probably been my dress if it had come in white. The search continues!

3. Post-wedding dress shopping, we went out for a delicious lunch... which I had a severe allergic reaction to. Check out those eyes! Sexy, huh? I rode the metro with my sunglasses on so I didn't scare small children, while my mom watched me intently thinking that I was going to pass out.

4. - 6. Scenes from my parents' house: their new kitty Shay, begging for food, a little stamp I treated myself to at Paper Source (we went while we were in Georgetown), and one last shot of my crazy face before entering a Benedryl-induced coma (ie: nap).

7. - 8. Running! Stretching! Hit mile 42 this week.

9. - 11. Project Life continues. Love the graphic black, white, and pinks for the Valentines week spread.

12. - 15. Scenes from the classroom: first grade heart (painted on a Wacky Weaving), yellow and green collages by fourth graders, and apparently it takes a lot of beverages to get through your average Thursday...

16. ...and it takes these beverages to truly call it a Friday night. Dinner and drinks at Brewer's Art. Delicious, as always.

17. On Saturday, we went over to our friends' Amanda & Ryan's place. They're currently renting an amazing house in the Stone Hill area of Hampden, in Baltimore. The house was built in the 1840s and is packed with charming, original details, owned and maintained by a local artist. The stairwell that leads to their third floor was hand decoupaged in the above motif. I was obsessed.

18. I might have taken pictures of every light fixture... (and zero pics of any people at the party... go me).

19. But I did manage this moment of zen... look at their adorable kitty, Bella, in N.'s arms!

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