Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dads 'N Donuts.

Meeting the parents of students you love to teach is kind of like meeting local celebrities. Today was the PTA-sponsored Dads 'N Donuts. (And no, I did not avoid the leftovers in the lounge. Next year I need to think about how the donuts are for DADS, and I'm not a dad, now am I?) The kindergarten triplets I mentioned a few posts back? They brought their dad in to meet me as he was leaving the school this morning. Swoon! He said that they hear a lot about art class at home (hopefully more than the pants-wetting incident, at this point), and I gushed about his little ones. It was just too cute-- triplets ushering their dad into the room to meet me. Maybe I'll meet Mom when Moms 'N Muffins rolls around... and maybe I'll skip out on the leftover muffins. One can only hope...

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