Sunday, October 30, 2011

Highly recommended.

"Unshared knowledge goes to the grave. If I share this, somebody will learn it. Somebody will pass it on to somebody else." 
--Charles M. Carrillo, from Craft in America (Episode IV. Messages)


  1. Hi Ms. Kristin! I just found your blog via Pinterest. It's great! I'm an art teacher in NYC, is that where you are working?

    I LOVE this quote! It will absolutely become a bulletin board for me next year. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I teach in Maryland, but I went to NYU for undergrad and lived in the city for a total of six years... and it's still pretty much my favorite place on earth. How awesome it must be to teach there! I visit whenever I can.

      I just bought the whole Craft in America series and am currently watching it. So stay tuned for more quotes!

      Thanks for the kind words and I'm excited to read about the art happenings at PS89 :)