Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow-free... the way to be.

Ms. Kristen-Crayon: Why is this snowman so sad?
Student: Because even though he's a snowman, he hates snow!

We've had a very mild winter so far, and for that, in this first year of teaching, I am grateful.

My student teaching started last January, and not only did I have a lot of anxiety about just teaching those first units, but wondering whether or not I would be going in at all or having two-hour delays due to weather did not come as a relief. Sure, everyone loves a day off, but as a newbie on a tight schedule, inclement weather presented itself as an additional stressor. Is it showtime or is it not? I live in a different county than I taught in (and that is still the case this year), and never knew if the weather in both counties was going to match up-- would my school be open a few counties away, but would I have terrible weather in my county to drive through in my ill-equipped vehicle? Or best-case scenario: school is closed. But you almost never know 'til 6am, so you don't get to sleep in because you have to wake up and check on the cancellations, and you still have to prep for the next day because you're not sure if school will even be canceled. To top it off-- I'd actually lose sleep wondering about the verdict!

My fear of driving in snow and ice is disproportionate to the actual danger it presents... so I just hope the fluffy stuff (or sleety, icy, perilous stuff) stays in the clouds this year.

But despite all my feelings on snow... my kinders still made some jolly snowmen. 

Thanks to Deep Space Sparkle for lesson inspiration!

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