Sunday, May 13, 2012

Operation Follow-Through.

Ever just talk about something, frequently, but then never seem to follow through or act on whatever great idea or plan you have?

My fiance and I had talked enough about hiking that it was time to take the plunge... and buy some hiking boots. And while I would have much rather spent my money on these:

Hi, I'm Vivienne Westwood.
as opposed to these:
Hi. I'm Merrell.

Our hope is that we go from looking like this:

Mmm, BBQ.
 to this:
Mmm, endorphins! A natural high! In nature!
Operation Follow-Through commences!


  1. haha, love it!
    Have you decided where to hike yet?

    1. We live in Maryland, so I think we might try out Patapsco Valley State Park, outside of Baltimore. Hoping to go this upcoming weekend if it's not raining, boo :(

  2. Those look just like my hiking boots - REALLY COMFY! (Much more so than those adorable magenta shoes). Good luck!

  3. LOVE.MERRELL.!!!You'll never regret buying those hiking boots but that BBQ? A minute on the lips, forever on the hips!LOL Now, get out there and HIKE!

    1. Haha, thanks for the reminder, Pat! I do think we made the right decision with biting the bullet and buying the boots... but that doesn't mean we're never indulging in BBQ again... hehehe.