Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of the year thank-yous.

Yes, thank-yous are in order. Couldn't have made it through this year without my wonderful kiddos who donated supplies, and staff who not only donated supplies but also "donated" overwhelming support and encouragement. So today has been filled with note-writing.

I am putting my birthday present from my parents to good use-- all I wanted for my 27th birthday was a "Ms. Dudley" stamp. Throughout the year I found myself handwriting things for students (responses on their assessments, miscellaneous notes, etc.), but wanted some way to speed up the process. Not that signing my name takes all that much time, but... even a few seconds here and there helps! My mom had this custom wooden stamp made by Pink Ink Paper. Isn't it gorgeous?!

And I'll only be "Ms. Dudley" for so much longer. Gotta make the most of it!

Oh and Nate gave me a gift certificate to Anthropologie. That gift wasn't half bad, either :)


  1. Um, Anthropologie much!? (

    That Nate is a keeper!!

  2. Painting With Brains, I do feel like we are kindred spirits! I too am obsessed with Anthropologie, but also agree that it's a huge treat and splurge to drop $$$ there. A few months ago I purchased an Anthro dress for my upcoming engagement photos. Any wedding-related shopping always feels like something special, so going to Anthro makes it feel special-er. Your Indy sounds like a keeper, too :) And way to go mom with those awesome purchases! The tank and hoodie could be cute together to wear before the wedding, while you're getting hair and makeup done, eh? Andddd I completely relate to embracing white recently... something about being a bride-to-be. Black is my go-to, but lately I've been leaning toward white. Strange, good times!

  3. It's gorgeous!!! And so is your handwriting. How special your notes are!!!

  4. Ditto to APG's comment above. Gorgeous.

    Meanwhile - there is not Anthropologie where I live and and therefore I've NEVER been in one (maybe a good thing?! I do love to shop.)

    1. Thanks, Phyl! My momma did well.

      I think that online shopping at Anthropologie can be almost as dangerous as going into the store. Next time you're in NYC go to the one near Rockefellar Center!

  5. What eye-catching thank you cards. It is so important to let people how much their support means to you, but it usually falls by the wayside during the hectic end of the school year. I am taking this post as inspiration to not only write up some run of the mill thank yous, but to create some quality, especially beautiful thank yous for all of those who helped me out this year. Thanks for posting!

  6. No problem! I'm sure they will be beautiful and well-appreciated.