Monday, June 11, 2012

Quintessential Childhood Fun: Shaving Cream as Drawing Medium.

I'll have to admit, I didn't get too creative with this one. Taking a cue from my own first grade teacher so many years ago and my vivid memory of doing exactly this-- smearing foamy, puffy globs of shaving cream all over my desk-- my kinders and firsties let loose with the Barbisol. As a first year teacher I've found myself in the following position a number of times-- I think I have this brilliant, inventive original or borrowed idea-- only to find out that every teacher in the school does the exact same thing. It was so true for my end-of-the-year shaving cream explosion. I learned that some teachers were planning on doing it in their classrooms (our driving force, I'm sure: GET THOSE TABLES/DESKS CLEAN!), but I only found this out after we had already done it. Whoops. At least I beat them to it? :) And I'm positive the kids will not mind Shaving Cream Take II.

To avoid the smear-the-shaving-cream-around-on-the-table-until-it-evaporates phenomenon, I gave the kiddos verbal prompts with ideas for what to draw. Most of the prompts were summer-related, but the only one I managed to capture on film was, "Draw a... robot!"

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