Sunday, June 10, 2012

Calling all Billy Goats!

I am pleased to say that Operation Follow-Through is in full swing!

Today N., my future sister and brother in-law, and I traversed (and I do mean traversed) the Billy Goat Trail, located by Great Falls, with amazing views of the Potomac. There are three separate trails that comprise the Billy Goat, but we only hiked Section A. Only is a misnomer, because it's the most difficult trail. Even the Washington Post says that it's difficult (so it must be true!). Plenty of uneven terrain, jagged rocks, and opportunities to scoot, climb, jump, slide... and definitely use muscles you didn't know you had.

We didn't take any pictures, lest our camera or phone either meet a perilous death in some ravine or fall victim to sweat-damage in today's 93-degree heat, but here are some views provided by the interwebs:

Yes, I climbed that. Now I think I'm pretty cool.
Some gorgeousness. Nbd.

I'm sure there will be more Billy Goat-ing in our future. N. was in seventh heaven, taking the more difficult (or ahem, *dangerous*) ways around the rocks at every opportunity. The word on the street, er, cliff, is that we'll be extremely sore in the morning. While we were sweaty, exhausted, and sunburnt by the end, it was an amazing, exhilarating workout that beats my frequent rendezvous with the elliptical any day, in more ways than I currently have time to write about. Onward and upwards, to new hiking heights!

Or... just please let me make it through the last two days of teaching in my first year, soreness and all.

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  1. Your boy sounds just like mine! He loves to hike, and if it isn't difficult, he makes it so. We're going to Australia for our honeymoon and he wanted to take a hike on a trail described as "extremely dangerous" as there are venomous snakes & spiders, birds who attack people and leeches, and as it's relatively common for non-australians to get lost on this hike...for days! Took some real whining but I got us out of it. Haha. Just gonna stick to the local flora and fauna for now.