Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Circle trees.

Inspired by a pin that led me to Creative Jewish Mom, my kinders made these collaborative circle trees back in October (yikes! New Year's Resolution Number One: post more often). Those necessary basics get covered in this one-day lesson: how to draw a circle, use the entire piece of paper, color neatly, and the cutting basics. We closed the lesson with a discussion about how art changes when everyone's work is viewed together (I taped the circles to the whiteboard as students finished and discussed how they would morph into a tree a few days post-completion). This first tree was such a hit that my principal asked for any additional trees to "grow" in the upstairs hallway outside the cafeteria, instead of tucked away downstairs in the kindergarten hallway (!). I didn't snap pics of those trees before they got shabby from little hands, but I managed to capture the original (mostly) intact before taking it down recently. Enjoy!

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