Monday, December 31, 2012

Springbrook Community Art Show.

Back in June 2012, I received an email from an art teacher at one of the local high schools, Springbrook High School. He had the ambitious idea of putting together a December show that not only showcased the work of the high school students, but would also incorporate the work of all the feeder elementary and middle schools. Lo and behold, the (super-successful) show came together on Thursday, December 13th.

Turn-out was excellent-- I had six students come with their families to view their work! (That number is high for our community.) Unlike the annual countywide mall show in the spring, this show was more accessible due to proximity. And because it was a one-night-only event, I was able to be there to greet all families that showed, unlike a show that is up for five days, when a family is likely to show up when I'm not there (solution: camp out at the mall in April? maybe?).

Our display was at the very entrance of the show! My principal and assistant principal LOVED that :) They showed up as I was literally leaving the show, which was somewhat embarrassing (I had already been there for two hours and was tuckered out), but also extremely lucky! In the stress of preparation, I had neglected to check in with them to see if they would be able to make it. They did not disappoint! I am so lucky to have administration that fully supports the arts.

The above pic would be way cuter if I didn't have to crop out my student, crouching on the other side of her art (bottom piece). She brought tons of extended family: maternal and paternal grandparents, aunts, cousins, and of course, mom, dad, and brother. She was just glowing with pride.

My bio!

The show owes it's success to a few things: 1) it got older students to look at younger students' work, and vice versa. Apparently some of the high schoolers were admiring the elementary and middle school work, not even knowing that it wasn't done by students at their school! And then the little guys get to look up to the work of the older students, and envision themselves as artists throughout their education and beyond. And 2) high school students were leading tons of hands-on activities for children: button-making, digital arts stations, other crafts, etc., which kept little ones entertained, and parents less stressed. And 3) there were free snacks. Everyone likes free snacks :) So we were all well-hydrated with balanced blood sugar levels. Key for proper art-viewing.

As with everything the first time around, there were a few kinks that will need to be ironed out for next year. And yes, there's already talk of next year's show! We're the only cluster in the county to have ever hosted something like this, and our supervisors are very impressed and ready to see what we work together to create next year. Overall: Springbrook Community Art Show = success!

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