Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life According to Instagram, Week Six.

Scenes from the classroom, the apartment, and the gym... such is a teacher's life :)

Week Six
February 4th - February 10th, 2013

1. - 2. Love when my Wearable Folk Art unit turns out profound results.

3. - 5. Scenes from an art room: paper weaving, guitar-drawing, and prepping for Ugly Dolls.

6. Turned over this work of art while grading only to find out that... J. really must be... a cool man.

7. - 8. Sad that I can only get sun kitty shots on weekends... but cheek-rubbing shots on weeknights are good, too.

9. - 10. White on black on Wednesday.

11. - 12. Graffiti at the gas station, graffiti outside (what was a) potential wedding venue.

13. - 14. Only two runs (out of three total workouts). Got sick just in time for the weekend.

15. - 16. Finally finished Game of Thrones (which I mentioned eons ago in this post)! Snapped a shot of my pretty doodled bookmark before chopping it up and scrapbooking it.

I really do hang out with people, sometimes! We went out for N. and his sissy's birthday (their birthdays are two days apart), but I didn't manage to snap any photos. In fact, I usually don't take pictures during the most eventful moments in my week. I mostly tend to capture quiet moments that document my routine. Clearly not a photographer :)

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