Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life According to Instagram, Week Twenty-One.

Week Twenty-One
May 20th - May 26th, 2013


1. Three years of hard work, about to come to a close. But a door opens, and a new chapter begins...

2. Waiting and waiting. The ceiling of The Lyric.

2. My cutie, post-graduation.

3. So SO proud of this guy! Look how fancy.

4. Celebratory dessert was on the house at The Prime Rib.

5. I love when there is the perfect combo of paint and pressure so that you can see the creases in their tiny hands when they print. This was for a retirement banner for one the kindergarten teachers. Each handprint, one for each student in their class, was turned into a flower.

6. Jonesie photobombed my craft supply haul.

7. - 8. Post-running has never looked so intense.

9. Old friend in town? Cheers to that! Hi, K.!

10. - 14. Project Life, Weeks Twenty & Twenty-One in the books.

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