Monday, January 7, 2013

Life according to Instagram, Week One.

Welcome, first week of 2013!

1. The girls all dolled up for New Year's! Ready to head to downtown Annapolis.

 2. - 5. Cute girls + milkshakes, courtesy of Chick 'N Ruth's.*

6. Happy New Year! We rang it in at Ram's Head Tavern, Annapolis.

7. New Year's Day recovery at Abbey Burger
8. Red door in the alley.
9. First burgers and beer of the new year -- N. had a Guinness and I had an Abita Purple Haze. Mmm.

10. - 14. Running in 2013. Whew! I ran five times between January 1st and 6th (in addition to some yoga and elliptical and swing dancing and some other stuff, too!).

15. And it's back to work. These snow people made by my kinders get me every time.

16. & 17. Playing with my new bento box-inspired lunchbox. Healthy lunches are go!
Kiwi was a nice touch, if I do say so myself :)

17. Week 1 of Project Life = done. Now I just need to blog it.

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*Photos 1-5 are courtesy of my photographer friend, Danielle. Follow her on Instagram at danimurph14.

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