Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quote of (last) week.

On Mondays and Fridays we have third grade students for an extra twenty-five minutes before the school day officially starts, to allow for third grade teachers to have extra planning time to accomodate the new curriculum. It was during that block of time when this happened:

B. is out of his seat, doing a running-skipping jig across the room. He is supposed to be reading silently.

Ms. Kristen-Crayon: "B., you need to get back in your seat."
B: "But I'm so excited!"
Ms. K-C: "What are you so excited about?"
B: "You're here! You weren't here last week, but now you're here!"

Two Fridays ago I was out sick, with the very awful, no-good flu. And B. was very happy I was back. So was I! I love love love little moments like that, especially with a class that is on the more challenging side. It's like, hey, someone did miss me, someone values my presence, and that someone is a student! Best thing ever.