Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life according to Instagram, Week Two.

 Oh hi, Week Two! You brought the flu :(

1. Looking pretty angry at my boring, go-to hairstyle.
2. But that's alright, because "it's ok to be mad" according to a poignant scrap of paper left behind from a 5th grade project.

3. Teacher shoes.

4. - 6. Running shoes. Only three runs this week, due to influenza.

 7. Received snailmail package from a good friend. Cute stationery, adorable new Hello Ninja Kitty USB drive, and lots of love in a little package.

8. Lonely toast earring has been transformed into adorable charm! Wore it to work on an especially child-inspired day along with Hello Kitty sneakers and a bright pink flower in my hair.
9. Wearable Folk Art with Fourth Grade-- A few students have started to finish, and the message on this one is close to my heart.

 10. These Moet & Chandon champagne corks crack me up. My kinders use them for printing! We are very fancy sometimes.

11. Christmas tree debris. N. took down the tree while I battled fever dreams.

12. Jonesie is the cutest when his paw(s) are face-up.

13. Benzonatate is something that was prescribed to me for my cough. So pretty in the light!

 14. - 15. Project Life Week Two, I'm through with you!

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